Seasons of love.

25. A picture that means a lot to you.

Let me start out by elaborating.
As you all know, my sister, Britny, is my best friend. We're very close. I wouldn't be surprised if the original plan was to attach us at the hip, or somewhere more embarrassing. However, it wasn't always this way. We went through some phases in life where we nearly hated each other. We rarely had conversations that didn't involve a fight, and we screamed at each other a lot. I daresay we didn't trust each other either, especially when it came to  sharing our clothes.
Looking back now, it's interesting to remember how I was feeling about our sisterhood then, and how those feelings gradually changed. Sure, we fight sometimes, but our fights never last for more than five minutes. We haven't yelled each other in ages. We miss each other terribly, and we tell each other everything. If I didn't have this closeness with her, I would be lost. Having a sister and a best friend rolled into one is the greatest thing I could have asked for, aside from love.

Here is the picture.
This is Shaniah and Abbi, my two little sisters.
They've been going through the same phases Britny and I did, with hating and yelling and not trusting. It was painful to see them take each other for granted. I would always tell them that one day they'll realize that they're best friends, and that they'll always want to be near each other. They never believed me.
The reason I love this picture so much is because it's the first time they've taken a picture together without someone telling them to. They're starting to get along more, starting to tell each other secrets. I love it. I can't wait for them to be close.
Aren't they gorgeous? I have the best family ever.


Old habits die hard. Bad habits should die easy.

24. A habit you wish you didn't have.

I possess two heinous habits. The belief is that I learned them from my mother, and now they will not leave me alone. The two of them have both gotten very bad at certain points in time, although time is the very thing that eventually temporarily heals them.
Would you like to know what these habits are?
Too bad.


Slaps and Sloths.

There's this kid that I know. I guess he's not really a kid, but, let's just go with it.
I've never had many guy friends. At all. And now, I suddenly have many.
Mark Bell is definitely one of my Top 5 Favorites.
Mark is great. Everyone calls him a teddy bear. You know why, Mark? Because hugging you is like hugging a teddy bear. Just take the compliment, already.
He recently had his appendix removed, twelve days after mine was removed. Yes, world, we now have matching scars. And sweaters, and shoes, and stuffed animals from the hospital gift shop. We both carry them around on our shoulders. It's just natural.
Mark, you told me not to put these on Facebook, but you never said anything about my blog.
So you cannot harm my laptop, nor my camera.

I really like that Mark prefers to be great friends with everyone. He doesn't like to have acquaintances. He gets to know everyone for who they really are, and it's awesome because you can tell that he really wants to get to know you.
Mark, I am glad I got to know you, and I am glad we are friends.

And that is my blog post to you.


One Thousand Words

23. A picture that makes you smile.

This is a picture of our first Girls' Night. We were still in the beginning of our friendships. Getting to know each other, laughing at jokes Kira made, teasing Kenzie for her high-pitched voice.
I love these three so much.
So so so so so sooooo much. 
That was for you, Becca. :)
But even though those times were great, I wouldn't go back, because times are even greater now. We're all so close to each other. We know what we agree on, and what we disagree on, and our friendship is strong enough to trump our arguments. Even the big ones.
Which, for the record, have been caused by misunderstandings every time. Just saying.
Looking at this picture, I think of what a blessing it is that we all found each other. I have never felt so blessed with such great friends.
I love you guys.


I swear by the seat of my well-worn pants.

I have worn sweats every single day since I got out of the hospital on Friday.
The exact same pair of sweats, nonetheless.
Because of my staples, I can't wear anything else.
You can imagine the looks I get, right?
I am almost positive I have been considered a bum, a lazy college student, the-girl-who-is-always-wearing-those-sweats, someone who just doesn't care anymore, and quite possibly a person who can't afford anything but a single pair of Utah State sweatpants.
I would like to reserve the right to tell every person who gives me the up-down just exactly what's up.
I hate sweats.


Time flies when you dream in blonde.

Dear Kenny,
I decided just barely that, because you wrote a Dear Sherece on your blog, I would write a Dear Kenny. I have told you this before, but I want to tell you again that you are really great. Thank you for listening to me talk about ridiculous things and for asking about my far-from-perfect past. Also, I think it was very kind of you to come to the hospital with us. You have no idea how much that meant to me.
How was that for my first real Dear Kenny?


22. A picture of you last year, and a picture of you now.

This picture was taken last March while I was on tour with my A Cappella class in Seattle. I kept quiet the whole time, only talking to maybe seven or eight people out of about seventy, but I only felt comfortable talking to one person. I was super shy. I was going through a really difficult thing. See that bracelet on my left (your right) wrist? That's not just an accessory. I also apparently thought big, pink, 70's-esque sunglasses were in style. I was wrong.

This is me yesterday. My hair has been through more changes than Logan's weather, but it's finally almost back to blonde. I talk to people I don't know (usually) and I have really, really great friends. I am appendix-free and living mostly on my own in college. I wear my dad's high school sweaters and sometimes carry a stuffed cow on my shoulder. I have crushes that may or may not be requited. I make weird faces and do 'thumbs up' a lot. I have sang in front of people. I am no longer embarrassed by my nickname, Rooster. I like to have deep talks and get to know people for who they really are. My grandma is quite possibly plotting my death.

And that, my fellow friends, is how I have changed over the last year.


Thank you baby, for loving me like you do.

21. Someone you love/Someone that means a lot to you.

Usually, when I pray, I ask Heavenly Father for things that I need.
Last night, I asked for nothing.
I have so much to be thankful for that I don't need anything else.

I thanked him for getting rid of the pain I was in on Thursday.
I thanked him for the blessing I received before we went to the hospital.
I thanked him for pain medication. Yes, yes I did.

I thanked him for the amazing people in my life, and for the love and care they all have for me.
I thanked him for my family, and for keeping them safe as they drove all the way up to Logan just to see me.

I thanked Him for:

My amazing best friend, Kira.

My roommate, Becca.

The great Kenzie Clyde.

Whitni Gardner.

Amazing Kenny Ludwig.
Yes, Kenny, I Facebook stalked you to get a picture.

Elena Christiansen.

Catherine Dickson and Skadi Kobe.

Michelle Poulson and Leslie Gil.

Brant Stanley.

Zach Johnson.
And the cat.

Arianna Larkin.

All of the girls on my floor, including:
Hannah Ellie Bateman.
Tori Winslow.
Emillie Fawson.
Ashley Stokes.
Shayla Michel.

I thanked Him for my mom.

For Shaniah.

And for Abbi.

And also for my dads, for Connor, for Britny, and for Berkleigh.

And I thanked Him for life.


"Do come in," said the cat lady.

20. A picture of something you're afraid of.

An old spinster with cats.

You know why?

Because other than cats, they are alone.


Dear Dumpster Divers...

I've always felt bad for people whose lives have forced them to turn to digging through trash to survive.

I feel especially bad today, for the contents of my trash can are as follows:

An empty cup of hot cocoa.
Becca's laffy taffy wrappers.
Two packages of used gum.
7,000 used tissues.

Such is life.


Oh, to be where I want to be.

19. Your Favorite Place.

Newport Beach, California.

I would give my left arm to be there right now.
Actually, I'd rather give my magazine collection.

I can hear the bells.

18. Who I can see myself marrying.

OMG. If I could choose to marry anyone in the world, it would be one of these three suuuuper hott guyz:


Gah these boys are so cute LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:D :D :D :D


Ain't no mountain high enough.

17. Your fears.

In fourth grade, I sang in a talent show. It was the most exciting thing I'd ever done. Somehow, although I loved it, singing in front of people turned into a fear. Whenever I tried, I would do bad on purpose so that people couldn't really judge me. Even the simplest things, such as singing a bit of a song to see if someone's heard it before, were hard for me to do.
I haven't sang for anyone ever since.

Until Sunday, February sixth.

Becca's friend 'Guitar Andrew' was over for the first time, and they were exchanging their musical talents with each other. He made Becca play the piano for us.
For the record, Becca is AMAZING at the piano. Do not, under any circumstances, let her tell you differently. 
In return, Becca made Andrew play the guitar and sing. After a couple of songs, he chose one that was a duet.

And, of course, I was the only one who knew the other part.

So my friends all made me sing for them.
My hands were shaking, I was sweating, and basically panicking. Which is weird, because they're basically my family, so why would I be scared? I do not know. But, after singing a few lines, I got more comfortable and wasn't scared anymore.
It was the most nerve-racking, exhilarating thing I have ever done.
That shows you how exciting my life is.
Honestly, I want to do it again, and again, and again.

Thank you, Becca, Kira, Andrew, Whitni, and Emillie, for curing me.


Cake Balls and Wedding Dresses.

Today, my family came up to Logan to see me.
Not all of them. Just my dad, Britny, Nik, and Berkleigh.

It was great.

There was a bridal fair at the TSC, and we decided to go.
That was actually the reason they came up, but I like to think of it the other way.

At this bridal fair, there were free goodies, such as chocolate-covered cake balls and a huge purple diamond ring.
If you have never tried a cake ball, you are hugely missing out on an amazing experience.

To wrap up the whole wedding-fever, we went dress shopping.
I pretended to be a bride-to-be along with my sister who didn't have to pretend.
In case you are all wondering, which I know you are, here is the information I gave the Dress Lady.

Name: Sherece Bledsoe
Fiancée's name: Shawn White
Wedding date: October 2011
Wedding colors: Undecided
Date of proposal: November
Location of wedding: Undecided

Yes, I am marrying the famous snowboarder.

And he's paying for everything.


And for that, we thank you.

16. Something that makes you laugh.

Click for a better view of this picture that I found.

Alright, let me start out by saying that a lot of things make me laugh.
A lot.

Today, however, something caught my attention and I just had to share it with the world.

As I was searching through Myspace(yes, I have a Myspace, but only because I forgot the password to my old email so now it's impossible to delete it. And I was bored.), I saw some really hilarious posts on peoples' profiles.
I'm talking ridiculous things.

Like a Valentine Application.


"Valentines Application......... 
itz almost valentinez day...yay!!!
So heres an app...APPLY 2DAY 

Area 1:

Name: First Name Only
Phone: Never give this info
Do you Drive:
State You Live In:
May I Call You:
Single or Taken:
Would You Date Me:
Kiss On First Date:
Will You Send This Back To Me?

Area 2:
What would you do if I...

I made a move on u?
I kissed you?
I lived next door to you?
I started smoking?
I asked you on a date?
I was hospitalized?
I ran away from home?
I asked u out?

Area 3:
What do you think about my...


Area 4:
Have you ever....

Lied to make me feel better?
Wanted to kiss me?
Wanted to kill me?
Broke my heart?
Kept something important from me?

Area 5:
"X" marks the spot
[]Kiss me..
[]Hug me..
[]Date me..
[]grab my butt..
[]Kill me..
[]Love me..
[]Hate me..
[]Hold me..
[]Lie to me..
[]Hurt me..
[]Hurt me.. in bed..lol
[]Sing with me..
[]Dance with me..
[]Grind with me..
[]Cuddle with me..
[]Let me make a move on you..
[]Make a move on me..
[]Watch a movie with me..
[]Get me a B-day gift..
[]Let me borrow your car..
[]Be there for me..
[]Buy me a drink..
[]Bring me around your friends..
[]Give me a massage..
[]Take advantage of me..
[]Hangout with me...
[]Take care of me if I wasn't feeling good..
[]Hold hands with me..
[]Do something incredibly sweet for me..
[]tell me you love me
[Anything else you'd like to say...]

PS: I totally stole this from my friend TJ on MYSPACE"

I find it completely insane that people actually do this.
But really, I just feel bad for TJ.
It must be hard for a teenage boy looking for a Myspace Valentine. 
But he sucked it up and advertised that he wanted someone with the qualifications only an internet survey can discover.
And for that, we thank you.


Define: Aspire.

15. Your Dreams and Aspirations

1. To hope or dream; especially to hope or work towards a dream or occupation.
2. Have an ambitious plan or lofty goal.
3.  Economic designation for inventories deemed to have fairly extensive households that include spoons, knives and forks, as well as enough equipage to entertain and give dinner parties for ten or more people.

Okay, number three doesn't exactly apply.

I find it interesting the kinds of changes one's dreams and aspirations go through as we grow up.

First, I wanted to be a cowgirl. Then, I wanted to be a Barbie girl.

I wanted to be an athlete. A musician. Yes, even a mermaid.

I wanted to live in the sand and the sun.

I wanted to be best friends with my sister for the rest of my life.
That goal hasn't changed.

Fun fact: From fifth to seventh grade, I wanted to be 6'4". That was an actual hope of mine. If I didn't have scoliosis, I would be one inch shorter than that. Thank goodness for this crooked spine.

Then, I grew up. 
I realized I was afraid of the ball, so I gave up sports.
Moving back and forth halted my piano lessons.
I watched the new Peter Pan and my opinions of mermaids changed forever.

My hopes and dreams slowly changed.

I tried to be a model.

I wanted green eyes.

I wanted to be a nanny.

I wanted to join PETA. And be a vegetarian. Who doesn't like vegetables.

Now that I'm in college, mostly on my own, and growing up fast, I've come to have some new aspirations.

-I want to fall in love, and I want to marry for love. Whether we're rich or poor, love is all that matters.
-I want to accept myself the way I am. The day I'm not constantly thinking about how I can lose weight or how I can improve myself will be one of the best days of my life.
-I want to graduate from college, and prove that I can do it. Mostly to myself.
-I want to raise my kids not to be judgmental, selfish, vain, or impatient. I hope they can accept everyone as they are and know that everyone deserves to be loved.
-I want to be financially stable, with and without a husband. Debt is not a road I want to travel down.
-I want to still be friends with the people who have changed my life in some way; I hope to still talk to everyone I've met at college so far. Well, nearly everyone.
-I want to live near my sister so that we can always have each other.

Most of all, I just want to be happy.


Could this day get any better?

14. Something that makes you feel better.

Getting packages from my mom, complete with scriptures, a book, gum, chocolate, and my boot.

Buying myself pretty flowers.

Watching Psych on Netflix.

Planning a birthday Cali trip with my dad.

Finishing my sister's wedding dress.
Don't steal it.

Reading a book.

Wearing my favorite boots.

Bagels and cream cheese.

Almost anything purple.

Going to church on Sundays.

Wearing nothing but mascara and still feeling confident.

Inside jokes with my best friends.

Looking at childhood pictures.

Eating delicious food.



Dancing and singing simultaneously.

Getting my homework done.

Doing awesome on an assignment.

Thinking about how many books I've read in my life.

Watching a happy movie.

Listening to chill music.

Knowing that, someday, I will fall in love.

The fact that summer is a mere three months away.

My birthday, which is also Valentines Day, which is twelve and a half days away.

Vampire perfume.

Aggie Basketball games.

My denim jacket.

Being with Britny.

Holding and singing to Berkleigh.

Helping Nik through fights.

Remembering all the good times we all had the first semester of college.

The comfort of having pictures from our greatest times, and of having friendships that will last forever.