They cause me to make hasty decisions that occupy the foremost part of my mind until I pass out. Or until someone causes me to reconsider my random change of lifestyle.
For example, dreadlocks.
I still think they'd be pretty awesome, not going to lie. But, in hindsight, I'd probably look like an idiot.
But alas, I am still feeling the side effects of these painkillers, so I still want them.



..I take pain medication when my back hurts worse than usual. It used to help me sleep. Obviously, that side effect has worn off, seeing as how it's five in the morning.
..I read two books in five days. In this case, the 630 page book was read in three days, the 290 page book in two. I feel like my old self. Which is freaking legit.
..I see a best friend after seeing none of her over the summer, and I realize that I never lost her. She's still mine. (But I can share.)
..I think about how things have changed over the summer. I've matured as much as an almost-twenty year old can mature. I've lived away from my parents for a year now, and I wish it's been longer. I could not have asked for a better set of roommates than the ones I have. They love me regardless of my flaws. They're my family.
..I become best friends with someone I should have been best friends with a year ago. It's one of the greatest friendships I've ever had, and I know it will last a very long time.

My life rocks.


The end.