A Change of Habits.

The decision has been made to eat healthy.
Recipes have been bookmarked. Turkey spinach wraps have been made. Eighty dollars worth of groceries have been bought. Goals have been set. Meals have been eaten.
In an ongoing attempt to feel great about myself, I have done something active every day.
Overall, I feel wonderful. Healthy lifestyles can really do something for you.
And to reward myself, I had a pre-breakfast consisting of three chocolate brownies from the Marketplace.
Thanks for bringing those home, Katie.


Life's Lessons

I found this poem, and I really loved it.

I learn, as the years roll onward
And leave the past behind,
That much I had counted sorrow
But proves that God is kind;
That many a flower I had longed for
Had hidden a thorn of pain,
And many a rugged bypath
Led to fields of ripened grain.

The clouds that cover the sunshine
They can not banish the sun;
And the earth shines out the brighter
When the weary rain is done.
We must stand in the deepest shadow
To see the clearest light;
And often through wrong's own darkness
Comes the very strength of light.

The sweetest rest is at even,
After a wearisome day,
When the heavy burden of labor
Has borne from our hearts away;
And those who have never known sorrow
Can not know the infinite peace
That falls on the troubled spirit
When it sees at least release.

We must live through the dreary winter
If we would value the spring;
And the woods must be cold and silent
Before the robins sing.
The flowers must be buried in darkness
Before they can bud and bloom,
And the sweetest, warmest sunshine
Comes after the storm and gloom.


Different doesn't mean worse.

I feel like updating the world with the newness of my life. I'm keeping most of it on the DL, but I figured I'd share some with my hundreds of dedicated followers.

So I work at a hardware store. And there's a man that works with me whom I am very attracted to. I had a cheesy dream about him last night. We dated, then something happened and he left 'forever', and then he came back some time later and proposed and of course I said yes. Now, keep in mind that I thought this was all really happening. Like, when I woke up, I thought I was dreaming of waking up, not actually waking up. So when it hit me that it was all a dream, I was bummed. I now plan on avoiding eye contact with said person for the rest of the time we work together.

I'm getting a tattoo. Just a small one on my arm, or my wrist. I've been contemplating it for some time, trying to decide if there's anything that's so important to me that I would mark it on my body forever. And, in the past couple days, I've decided there is. And you will all just have to wait and see.

Ari is coming up to Logan tomorrow. I am STOKED. We're going to Lagoon on Wednesday, and, once again, I am STOKED. Am I stoked? YES.

My little brother is seventeen now. It's just unnatural.

I'm planning on buzzing my hair off before I go to Africa. It makes me happy.

I am finally healthy. Not that barely any of you know the story behind that phrase, but for those who do, I'd like you to know that I'm healthy now. Of the million times I've felt like I've overcome it, this feels like the one that will last. I really don't think I'll relapse. Not after everything that has happened. So, to you all, thanks. For helping me through it. Means a lot.

And now, I am going to go hiking.



Allow me to explain.

Some of you may or may not have noticed that, for a while, I was kind of a Debbie Downer. I didn't realize it, but through a few of my posts, you could tell that I was feeling sad. So, for those of you who would like to know why, I want to give an explanation. This is going to sound slightly ridiculous, so bear with me.
It all started with The Hunger Games. I read all three books in one week, and on top of the antisocial lifestyle that caused, the books were also negative and depressing, so they rubbed off on me. Big time. To top it all off, I was missing family vacation, which totally bummed me out. I think, overall, that I was just missing my family. Because when I saw my dad and my friend Chelsey that week, I wasn't sad at all. But the sadness returned when I got back. Honestly, I think it was just my mentality. Happiness is a choice, and therefore so is sadness. I was choosing to see the negative in things. In myself. And then, a few days ago, I thought to myself, 'Why on earth are you acting so pathetic and depressed? You have nothing to be sad about.' And then, I was happy. And I still am. You know why? Because I am alive, and I am loved, and I have so many things going for me. So, there you go.
Love, Me.


I scored a free photoshoot.


Yes I did. I needed a serious face.

And a laughing picture.

And another serious face.

And another laughing picture.

More cheese, because it's delicious.

FB profile pic, mhmm.

Add caption.


Go ahead. Judge away.