So I got myself an iPhone. I feel so legit.

According to status updates, today is Thanksgiving. So, in honor of this delicious holiday, I'm going to conform and tell you all what I'm thankful for, because you're obviously all wondering. Right?

1. I've got a family who loves me, even though I tend to eat all of their pumpkin pie.

2. My grandma is donating six hundred dollars to my volunteer trip to China. I almost cried when I found out.

3. I have two jobs that I like. Most of the time.

4. My stepdad laughs at all my jokes. Probably because we have the same nasty sense of humor.

5. Pumpkin anything.

6. Christmas music.

7. Sweaters from the 70's.

8. Frank. He's the best car ever.

9. I have an aunt and a 5-year-old cousin who live in South Jordan, and I'm always welcome there. Except for when they're gone.

10. Twilight movies. Shut up.

11. Medicine that cures colds.

12. I somehow inherited my stepdad's dimples. I've no idea how.

13. Guys, I have the cutest niece. Just saying.

14. I've discovered that I'm pretty talented when it comes to painting nails.

15. Oh, my friends, they all make me so happy. I love them all.

16. Get this - my grandma. You know, the one I always refer to as evil? Turns out she's not evil. She's actually kind of great.

17. I love having short hair. Sometimes I'll miss being able to curl it or braid it, but overall, I'm so glad I cut it. Makes me feel like I stand out.

18. I've had my dog for nearly eleven years now, and she's still my little baby.

19. I'm alive.

"Having a rough morning? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That's called purpose. You're alive for a reason. Don't give up."


Don't fall off the couch, you crazy baby.

Sometimes, I look forward to having kids, solely for the reason of believing that I can raise kids much better than some people who actually have kids.
Even people to whom I am related.


There are days.

I think I'm going insane.

On a completely unrelated note, I miss this guy.