Before I Die:

1. Ride my bike from my dad's to my mom's. 130 miles.
2. See Justin Bieber in concert.
3. See 30 Seconds to Mars in concert.
4. Be in a fashion show.
5. Be in a magazine.
6. Go skinny dipping at midnight.
7. Make a spontaneous road trip.
8. Get a job in Logan, preferably before I run out of food.
9. Ride a wave.
10. Ride the fastest and biggest rollercoasters on the planet.
11. Get a boyfriend before I'm 30.
12. Dance the night away, literally.
13. Get arrested. I'll do that last.
14. Buzz my head.
15. Donate an organ.
16. Sing on a Broadway stage.
17. Sing on a normal stage.
18. Write a Best-seller.
19. Swim with the ocean inhabitants.
20. Win an award.
21. Catch a fish with my bare hands.
22. Make a discovery.
23. Throw a house party while my parents are out.
24. Leave my mark in graffiti.
25. Storm chase a tornado.
26. Get a piece of art into an exhibit.
27. Meet someone with my own name.
28. Bungee jump.
29. Stage dive or crowd surf.
30. Get into the Guinness Book of World Records.
31. Own a pointless collection.
32. Be a human guinea pig.
33. Go up in a hot air balloon.
34. See a space shuttle launch.
35. See an erupting volcano.
36. Sky dive.
37. Stay in the best suite in a five star hotel.
38. Play a part in my favorite T.V. show.
39. Make a fire without matches.
40. Go sky diving.
41. Go cliff jumping and actually jump.
42. Go to Africa and make a difference.
43. Go to another country and make a difference in someone's life.
44. Get to round 238 of getting ice cream with Macall Herpich.
45. Be a head teacher with ILP.
46. Go to ILP summer camp in Moscow.
47. Backpack through Europe.
48. Get a tattoo.
49. Drink on the beach with my best friends.
50. Fall in love.
51. Get my own apartment.
52. Graduate from college.
53. Think of more things to do before I die.